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Is rhinoplasty painful?

I hear that question a lot during consultations in my clinic. The answer is no. Actually this is the best thing about this surgery. You can experience moderate swelling around the eyes but in my opinion it is acceptable especially when you notice the positive change in your social life after rhinoplasty (sometimes referred as nose job) operation.

There are different rhinoplasty techniques such as open approach or closed, ultrasonic rhinoplasty or preservation rhinoplasty depending on the needs of patient and the type of nose deformity. Do not forget that there is NO one special and magic technique which suits everyone! If there is also deviation about the septum which is like a wall between two airway passage starting from our nostrils, the name of the operation transforms to septorhinoplasty.

After nose surgery, patient’s new look should be proportional to the entire face. Cosmetic nose surgery is currently one of the most popular aesthetic operation all over the world however it is still important to understand your expectations during a virtual or an online consultation. Nose reshaping is an important issue for the entire face. That is why a nose surgeon should discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of this surgery with the patient.

We prefer to do the nose operations under general anesthesia and as you can imagine it would not be a nice feeling if nose reshaping would be done under local anesthesia or sedation by nose job surgeon. After the operation patient should stay in the hospital 1 night and the next morning will be discharged from the hospital after postoperative control by me. The second postoperative control will be 6 days after the surgery to open the plasters and the bands. We call it "grand opening" :)

Cost of rhinoplasty operation may vary depending on the patients’ examination. Patients who are seeking for affordable nose job prices should keep in my mind that there is nothing more important than your health. So always try to contact with experienced rhinoplasty surgeons who are board certified plastic surgeons, or clinics authourized by health of ministry.

For those who are curious about before and after photos, they can click the link below.



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