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Brazilian Butt lift (BBL) Surgery is NOT Dangerous.

BBL Surgery

I want to inform you about the BBL surgery and its pros and cons. BBL surgery actually it's a combination of two different surgeries the first part is a VASER liposuction (a liposuction system that uses ultrasound energy) and the second one is a fat transfer we combine these two surgeries during the buttlift procedure. Usually i do not recommend to combine BBL surgery with other surgeries as it is already a combination surgery.

BBL surgery is helping for a better and more curvy look plus it enhances your butt contours so it's like ‘’two in one’’. Practically when you wear a dress after a BBL surgery you will look much better and we think that you would love this look! Mostly people are underestimating the importance of the buttock region of woman as an aesthetic unit, however in my opinion they have the same importance like the breasts for a feminine look and figure.

So let's come to the main topic many patients of mine are asking if Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is dangerous or not? When I discussed the risks with my colleagues from other countries especially from Europe or USA, I can clearly see that in the hands of an experienced BBL surgeon the risk of the surgery it's really low like in the rhinoplasty or the breast surgery. Unfortunately this surgery became highly popular during the last 5 years and due to unauthorized and/or unexperienced people who did the surgery (even some of them are not doctors) that cause many complications and that's why it's considered as it's very dangerous. But once again I want to clearly clarify that BBL surgery is the best way for the augmentation of the buttocks.


If you want to see some before and afters you can click this link for our instagram page or

Also here i am adding an article if you want to read more about it.

Improvement in Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Safety With the Current Recommendations from ASER
Download • 6.40MB


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